Improved conversion via Shopify performance optimization.
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Shopify Performance Optimization

Shopify Performance Optimization

Speed Up My Store

Is your slow store frustrating customers?

“For every 1-second slowdown on, we lose billions annually.” - Amazon
Google, too, uses speed as a factor in search rankings and PPC costs.
Needless to say, a sluggish Shopify store leaves plenty money on the table., A Slow Store Transformed!

Here's what we achieved:

    • Sped up collections page by over 34%.
    • Decreased front page size by 59% and collections page 63%.
    • Increased Google PageSpeed Insights desktop score from 38% to 81%.

How We Can Speed Up Your Store

By providing a comprehensive performance optimization service using recommendations from the two biggest Web Performance Optimization(WPO) analysis tools*.

Including the following:

  1. Remove unused scripts or Shopify apps.
  2. Reorder scripts for better above-the-fold(visible area) performance.
  3. Change your templates to used scaled images. Don't display a huge 1MB image when a 100KB image is adequate!
  4. Compress code where possible and desirable.
  5. More optimization 'magic' that are probably too technical to mention(though do ask if you're that way inclined!)

Not ready to buy? No problem. Contact us if you'd like to ask anything before purchasing.

* Google PageSpeed Insights &