Improved conversion via Shopify performance optimization.
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Shopify Performance Audit

Shopify Performance Audit

Audit My Store

Where does your Shopify store stand in terms of performance, how much room is there for improvement? 

The Shopify Performance Audit answers these critical questions.

Get the performance low-down on your frontpage, collections & product pages.

For each page:

  • A grade from A to F.
  • Core performance metrics such as loading time, render time, page size, number of requests.
  • The Good: what's right about this page in terms of performance.
  • The Not So Good: suggestions on use of images, JS/CSS, above-the-fold rendering and more. We look at almost every aspect to improving your Shopify store speed, including all from Google PageSpeed.
  • An estimate on the potential speed gains.

All this will be presented plainly, in an easy-to-understand PDF report.

Delivery Time

  • 2-3 working days after purchase